Welkom at the TSS website. This website provides nightmode scenery, tracks and trackside objects. All the items on the website are freeware and can be used in freeware and payware routes. Most of the content is created for our own route wich is a nightmode route, therefore, most of the scenery objects are nightmode -pnly. You can adjust the config files to change that. Mentioninig us as the original authors is always appriciated, but not obligated. Enjoy the website.

All the scenery, tracks and trackside objects are tested in Trs12, Tane and Trs19. We are also creating textures, Trucks and trailers on demand and updating our route every week. The TSS-World route is Trs19 only. It will become a multi-player route, with trains, busses, ships and boats, airplanes and chopters on a real-scale landscape with endless possibilities.

Important : Some downloads will not function with the Edge browser, please use chrome based browser like chrome, brave or firefox.