Modern platform Bend (nightmode)

This is a Modern bended station platform. It comes with a Platform sign created for this platform as a seperated object, so you can place the sign wherever you like. You can choose which platform number to show (1 – 8), the texture is created in a way that the little white side lights appear to be shining. it are not attached lights or corona’s, the lights are part of the texture itself.

Imortant! Like with most of our scriptured objects, it’s important to save or overwrite the Route and not only the session, to make the changes permanent. This is freeware and can be used and adapted by anyone who wants to.

kuid platform : kuid2:269867:50863:1

username “TSSP_Modern_Platf_bend_30”

trainz-build 4.2

kuid sign : kuid2:269867:50865:1

username “TSSP_Modern_Platf_Pole”

trainz-build 4.2

Download 2 object pack

File size : 110 Kb

Download CDP