Modern station sign (7 lines)

This is a Modern station sign. You can choose which layout you want in the properties window. You can make it a standing sign, a hanging sign or without attachments, just to place it against a wall (Metro statios)

The Sign has 7 scripted lines. You have to write every line in the name-box in the properties window separated with a “,” for each line.┬áThis is freeware and can be used and adapted by anyone who wants to.

kuid : <kuid2:269867:50836:1>
username “TSST_Depart_Sign_1”
trainz-build 4.2

File Size 227 Kb.

Download CDP


To make this particular text appear in the sign, we wrote in the name box of the properties windows following text

Mechelen-Noord,22.36h,Antwerpen-centraal,22.41h,Brussel Zuid,22.48h,Perron 1