The Annunaki


The debate has been raging about the Anunnaki - not whether they exist - nor whether they have been to Earth - as the evidence of them being here is so overwhelming. The Anunnaki had bases around the world, but primarily in the Middle East - Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Iraq - and in India and South Africa. There are many artifacts that still exist in Iraq but are not allowed to be seen, and the West has not had much access at all to these artifacts of the Anunnaki.

Artist Concept

Artifacts and clay tablets

There are many artifacts that still exist in Iraq, but they're not allowed to be seen. As you might expect, much of the artifacts that agents tax that told us of their existence, were held in the Baghdad museum. Untill the early 2000's that is. In the wake of the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the museum in Baghdad, where much of these ancient relics and clay tablets were stored, was plundered and robbed of nearly all it's contents.

While some of the relics were undoubtedly taken by looters, who would scavenge anything they could get their hands on, much of it seemed to have been whisked away by an organized military presence.

The curators in the museum were responsible for some of these, wich were essentially salvage operations. Other relics however, have since completely vanished, in particular clay tablets that held information dating back thousands and thousands of years. Some will tell you that this information has disappeared purposely and for a reason.

Is it possible that these missing artifacts may have contained information regarding the origins of human beings on Earth? Many people have also noted how a lot of the old Mesopotamian relics and deities, are almost identical to other ancient civilizations, despite having no known contact with each other.

Would this suggest that most, if not all creation stories, and indeed the births of most religions, can be traced back to one source?  The Annunaki ?


The secrets of mankind's history

Human beings were not only created by God, but are also genetically, sybolically and literally, related to a few off-planet civilizations. One particularly known on Earth as the Annunaki.

If you believe humans evolved solely from apes, then why are there still apes ? Our story of Humans on Earth is often told as creation myths, the planets in the heavens. But these myths are based on facts. This is why around the world, we see the same tales of how one God was assisting humanity during creation. The great flood bringing knowledge to humanity.

All cultures have their own creation stories of the Gods and Goddesses on ships that came from the skies, often wearing masks or strange clothing and possesed some amazing abilities. All over Earth we also share similar artwork, music and technology. Largely based on extraterrestial activity and intervention. From Lemuria to Atlantis to Sumeria to Egypt.

Much of what we attribute to the Annunaki was not their own doing. For instance, the Annunaki were limited in their abilities, yet were given credit for doing things that were done by other alien species. But as Human beings saw the Annunaki as gods and goddesses, they naturally transferred credit to the Annunaki, because they were more tangible, something they could see, make an image of and so forth.

Although this may not be for everybody, but with our connections to extraterrestrials, it may be a huge value to examine our past in this particular way. Because of we remember more of who we are, why we continue to repeat the patterns without understanding them, then we can be more of our whole selves in a way that is free from all baggage. We can have clear knowledge of ourselves, accept ourselves and create what we want to have for our future.

If you want to know what the Annunaki looked like, one easy way is to see the crop circle from 2001, called the first Chilbolton face in Hampshire. Mention the name Annunaki to some people and deep within them, something sturs, a mamory of Earth and Mars and often ther's anger, fear, pain and confusion about the Annunaki. People seem to like to blame them for all of Earth's problems. Some people remember being part of their family, for better or worse, and yet others don't want to hear anything about them, because it dredges up feelings they'd rather avoid or deny. There are stories from people who think the Annunaki are vicious reptillians, who have been battling for control over the Earth for the last half million years, and they call all the shots while we sit here like helpless pawns.