Probably the most fair PTC website

Unique cashback system for advertisers


Promote your crypto faucets, websites, projects, etc…  to a large audience of crypto users and collectors. Get cashback from Ads on your claim page. The more your advertisement is watched, the more you get in return from us from the ads shown on your claim page

Crypto earners

Surf websites, view ads and collect btc. no pop-ups, no annoying pup-unders. This PTC-site is made simple, clean and fair for both advertisers and earners.  Minimum withdraw is 1000 satoshi’s for (no fee) and 11.000 satoshi’s for direct wallet (1000 satoshi’s fee)

How it works

  • Advertisers pay an amount of satoshis for an amount of views
  • Earners get satoshi’s for viewing and visiting those websites
  • Advertisers get cashback earnings from the Ads on their claiming page
  • Advertisers can withdraw their earnings to their local wallet or faucetpay


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